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Psycho III


Carter's Notes

I was approached by Penguin Audiobooks to write incidental music to accompany William S. Burroughs' reading of his book "Junky". It felt like some small thing I could do to express my admiration for his work. Burroughs was already in his 80s and they were recording a little bit of the book every day. Within a year he had died.




Film Info

Audiobook read by William S. Burroughs

Composed and Performed by Carter Burwell

U.S. Release 1996

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Audio Samples

Here, for demo purposes are some examples:

 Title    Format    Size 
Intro    mp3    1.2M
Post-Title    mp3    2.4M
Fast    mp3    1.8M

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Original ACE edition of Burroughs' first novel, credited to "William Lee".



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