The Locusts

The Locusts

The Locusts

Kate Capshaw and Vince Vaughn

Film Info

Written and Directed by John Patrick Kelley

Composed by Carter Burwell
Music performed by David Torn, Matt Darriau, Geoff Gordon, and Carter Burwell
Music Editor: Adam Smalley

Starring Vince Vaughn, Kate Capshaw, Jeremy Davies, Ashley Judd, Paul Rudd

U.S. Release October, 1997

Ashley Judd and Jeremy Davies


"In the film's most lurid scene, this sex-starved gorgon (Kate Capshaw), whose impotent husband committed suicide, forces her stammering, emotionally disturbed, 21-year-old son, Flyboy (Jeremy Davies), to watch as she castrates his pet bull, reducing the boy to quivering glazed-eyed catatonia." - Stephen Holden, New York Times, October 3, 1997.

Ashley Judd and Vince Vaughn