Moving Gracefully Toward the Exit


Moving Gracefully Toward the Exit

Carter's Notes

This is a film document of the last years of Michel Goullioud, a brilliant geophysicist and friend of mine. The film was made by his partner Patrice Regnier, a choreographer I've worked with and known for many years. It covers their time together from his diagnosis of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis through his death several years later.

The film abjures a "message" as it contemplates issues of sacrifice, love, dignity of spirit in the face of physical decay.

The score attempts to achieve lyricism through pattern and structure rather than melody - for the most part.


Patrice + Michel
Michel Gouilloud and Patrice Regnier

“I really want to be able to die as comfortably as possible, but also with maybe a touch of elegance if I can ...”
– Michel Gouilloud

Film Info

Directed by Patrice Regnier and Jean-Bernard Andro

Composed and Orchestrated by Carter Burwell
Engineer: Dean Parker
Performed by Carter Burwell, Bohdan Hilash, Felix Fan
Recorded and Mixed at The Body Studio

Released in 2012

Patrice + Carter
Patrice Regnier with Carter at The Body Studio
Felix Fan
Felix Fan
Carter with Bohdan Hilash